Are Germans Known For Interior Design?

Are you immigrant planning to start a life in Germany? Or are you planning to go to Germany for work? Then if yes, you must be thinking about your home design. Well, the first thing that you might probably think of when you hear German interior design is sleek, toy-like buildings, the façades of which, in distinct sections, are separated by dark, narrow laths. But you should know that German design is just one of the varieties of Empire’s style. You can see to read about various types of German interior styles.

Now, let’s go into details about the characteristics of a German interior design.

Germany Interior Design History

Biedermeier, the great-grandfather of the German style, has several other names, such as neo-Renaissance, Altdeutsch, and ancient Germanic. Eclectic in nature, it was designed to replace the Empire style by German and Austrian designers, who lived in the closing days of that time (mid-19th century). Since the luxury of a sleeping trend did not fit into compact places which were actively replacing houses, there had to be some changes. Biedermeier kept some of the styles of the Empire but added troubadours and Gothic embellishments.

The inside was furnished with vast furnishings, a wealth of plaster fittings, and an unsuitable décor. If you want to furnish your apartment when you get to Germany, you should get in touch with German insurance companies to help you insure your home for a better experience.

In tight quarters the Biedermeier seemed caricatured and was even called “bug renaissance” by the locals. As they say, it can’t endure much. A new German-style arose toward the end of the thirties of the past century. It appeared systematically rather than spontaneously. The work of architect Walter Gropius and his school students, termed “Bauhaus,” came up with the concept of a modern, laconic and functional orientation that was alien to the eclectic and abundant decorations of meaninglessness.

Features And Specific Characteristics

  • The German-style has the following characteristics:
  • An ideal, balanced between function and comfort environment, and then only beauty.
  • Knowledgeable arrangement of furniture.
  • All things are positioned so that a person can move between them.
  • The colour scheme is tranquil and somewhat resembles the classic interior palette because the colour scheme is based on white and brown tones.
  • The ornamental components are moderately used.
  • The angularity of the furniture and the delicate curves are combined.
  • The presence on the ceiling of a podium and an outline comparable to it. The latter is employed in a modern German-style design.
  • Floral designs and contrasting bands in the texture of material and textile are also some of the characteristics.

Characteristics Of Furniture Choice

Germany’s interior design style focuses on functionality while purchasing furniture. The background is kept in aesthetics fades. Keep in the interior classical in size: comfy sofas and armchairs, smaller chests, bedside, bookcases, beds, and thin-legged coffee tables. The façades of the furniture usually have a smooth finish without overly basic handle adornment. The general angularity of a big object is suppressed by the softness of the lines of small elements regarding its configuration. For instance, use a rectangular coffee table in the kitchen, a large company with semi-circular chairs and sculpted backrests.


The naturalness and easiness characterize ordinary people in the German interior style, which often borders on primitive. Designers are glad to take on the design of such interiors since both vast and narrow rooms are versatile and easily adapted.

Not everyone can like the German interior design style. And if you are someone that is used with numerous “essential” (and not so) things to surround himself or herself, then going to Germany should be cancelled immediately, only if you will choose to enjoy their great styles. A German-style is costly. Although minimal furniture is used, quality and natural materials will be of particular importance.

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